Frequently asked questions

Personalized care tailored to your comfort level.

We consult with our patients to develop a personalized lifestyle program that promotes optimal health. We become attuned to your needs rather than only treating symptoms with medications.

A physician who knows your story inside and out.

When we drop the current model and health care system and go back to a one on one relationship between the doctor and patient something wonderful happens. The physician can truly get to know each patient and their specific health and wellness needs. The DPC model allows the family care physicians the time to get to know the patients, to do an in depth review of a patient’s situation, and then to diagnose conditions. We have all the advantages of modern technology without the frustrations of the current third party influencers.

The knowledge that you are one of a limited number of patients that the physician is giving their attention to.

As your Rock Hill primary care physician, we get to know a wide range of members from our community. One of the best benefits of membership with our practice is that you are an individual and not just a number. We limit our patient membership so we can focus on YOU.

Same-day/Next-day scheduling with little to no waits and extended visits.

Our visits are 2 to 3 times the length of traditional primary care office visits. You can get a same day or next day appointment with a doctor who already knows you. The average wait time is five minutes or less. (WOW!)

Quality time with your doctor; ask all the questions you want – we actually want you to!

As a Family doctor we focus on treating the whole person. Our intention is to address the sources of your health and wellness concerns.

Direct communications, You get your doctor’s mobile number and email address.

Gone are the days of patient portals and speaking to receptionists only to have to wait for a return call when you have another question. In the DPC model you gain direct access to your family doctor in Rock Hill. We love being involved and being advocates for our patients.

Inexpensive and direct service. We work directly with you instead of hassling with insurance.

In the direct primary care model, the expense of third party companies has been lifted! These savings are passed on to our patients... YOU! You get the benefit of concierge style treatment without the premium cost.