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“ There is a light within every one of us, which I attempt to capture in my work.”

South African artist, Sandra Pelser, was born in Gauteng on the 4th of September 1963.  She started painting as a hobby in 1992, working during the day and painting at night. She soon realised that her talent could become a career as every single painting that she made sold. She studied fine art at Unisa for two years and attended art classes run by Peter Millard. She retired as a businesswoman in March 2010 and started painting full time.


Sandra works predominantly in the medium of oil paint, and is best known for her unique portrayal of serene women. In her current collection, she has made more than 1600 oil paintings of her well recognised ladies. Her approach is very spontaneous. “I start a painting without planning or drawing until it comes alive. That's when I know it’s done".


Although she has been working on these ladies for the past 13 years, she's not likely to stop anytime soon, as she is in her own words "slightly obsessed" with painting them.


As a creative and a businesswoman, Sandra has been on the forefront of making art accessible. Her beautiful range of well designed and unique products have become very  popular and can be found in many shops and galleries country wide. As her work grows and changes, the products are regularly updated, especially for all you collectors out there.


Visit our shop to see if you find anything that connects with you. Please feel free to contact us below if you have any questions

or if you would like to pop into Sandra's studio, located in Knysna, South Africa. 

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